UPDATE: Due to these uncertain times dealing with COVID-19, we are putting registration for Creative Arts Camp 2020 (which was scheduled to open March 24th) ON HOLD. Stay tuned for additional updates!

July 13-17, 6:30-9pm

for kids entering 2nd-5th grades


Welcome to Creative Arts Camp—a weeklong, evening event in Clarksburg, Maryland where kids experience Dance, Drama, Music, Art & Confections.


Each child signs up to “major” in one creative art for the week, and “minor” in all the others—this allows kids to focus on one project each night and not miss out on the other creative arts.

The whole week culminates on Friday night with a special kid-crafted DESSERT THEATER for kids’ families. Art, Dance, Music & Drama Majors will showcase their original artwork, dance, songs & theatrics… while the Confection Majors serve up desserts!

  • This camp is open to kids entering grades 2-5 in the fall. 

  • Registration opens Wednesday, March 24 @ 9AM.

  • The cost is $75 per child. Use the button below to register. 


While kids will experience all five creative arts throughout the week, each participant must choose one in which to “major.” Their major will be their primary focus throughout the week, while still participating in the other arts. The Confection Major is available to incoming 4th-5th graders only.

Below is a basic overview of each of our five Creative Arts Majors:

ART - For an artist, any material can be assembled in a unique and beautiful way. Kids will get to work individually and collaboratively to create an original work of art to share.

CONFECTIONS - Good dessert brings people together! This week, kids will learn to follow instructions and build confidence in the kitchen—preparing tasty confections to share with others. This major is open to incoming 4th-5th graders.

DANCE – Sometimes words fall short… so you just gotta dance! This week, kids will be invited to shake off all that holds them down and join in on the dance! Campers will build confidence through all kinds of movement.

DRAMA - The theater is where you don’t need much to tell a great story. Through theatre games and exercises, Drama Majors will learn how to use their whole bodies to act out scenes and stories for their audience to follow.

MUSIC - Is there any art more inspiring than music? Throughout history, music has been a transporter, a strength-giver, a deeper-truth-reminder, a call to move. Music Majors will explore music and sound in all its richness, learning how to make music with their bodies as instruments.


Each day kids will check-in at the right side of the church and connect with their crew leader and a group of 6-8 peers who share the same major. Here’s what the camp schedule will look like during the week before Friday Night’s Dessert Theater:


Registration open

Big Stage Intro



Big Stage Finale

Parent Pick-Up


What should kids wear?
Kids should come dressed for active learning, working with food, as well as art projects that can involve paint... Creative Arts Camp is definitely an environment where spills can happen, so you’ll want to come dressed accordingly.

Will there be any snacks served?
No snacks are served during camp, so please make sure your child eats dinner BEFORE checking in. Each night some kids will make tasty confections for all the kids to take home--

With kids working directly with food each day, what about food allergies?
It is possible that your child will come in contact with common food allergens during these classes. While we work to keep our menus allergy-friendly, we are unable to accommodate all food sensitivities on a camp-wide level due to the variety of allergies. Upon request, we are happy to provide a recipe list for all confections that campers will use before camp starts.

How will check-in and pick-up work?
Doors will open at 6:15PM each day. Kids will check-in at the right side of the building. At this time, adult guardians will be given a receipt with a number that matches their child’s nametag. Kids will then be escorted into the Big Stage room to connect with their Crew Leader and small group of kids in the same “major.” Parents should plan to return a little before 9PM to pick up their children, who will be seated at a round table in the Big Stage Room. A matching receipt will be needed in order to pick them up.

How are volunteers screened?
Kids’ safety is our first priority for this event. All volunteers receive training for their role working with kids, and all volunteers over the age of 18 must submit to a background check before joining the team.

I see this event is offered at a church—is all this really a Bible camp in disguise?
It is not. The primary focus of this camp is to bring kids together in our community to share in creative arts. Along the way, we’ll be drawing insights and material from a variety of sources, including the Bible. The example of Jesus gives us a deep love and respect for all people—whatever our background—and affirms that we are all in this together. You can learn more of what Cedarbrook Church is all about here.

What happens if my child becomes sick, hurt, or uncooperative?
We ask all parents/guardians for emergency contact information so camp staff can alert you promptly to the situation. In this event, you may be asked to return so you can pick up your child or work with our team to reinforce positive behavior.

Can I have one more ticket to Friday night's event so I can bring Aunt Sally?
We’d love to have Aunt Sally join us, too. The reason we cannot add more guests is that we simply do not have the capacity to seat and feed any more people than our facility can accommodate.

Will there be childcare offered on Friday night?
Yes. Childcare for infants-grade 1 kids will be offered during the dessert theater. We are happy to offer this service for free, but do require you to reserve your spot ahead of time. This allows us to ensure our nurseries are well staffed to provide the best care possible. You will have an opportunity to reserve childcare early in the week of camp.

How can I stay in the loop on what’s happening during camp week?
You will receive an email before the week of camp from our camp directors that will go over any need-to-know items. During the week of camp, daily emails will go out with highlights and important reminders. Because we are always working to improve this custom-built camp, we love hearing your stories, feedback, or questions… feel free to contact us any time.

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