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A Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is an interactive small group Bible study method that is designed to encourage all involved to participate and discover the truth of Scripture together with others. The beauty of a Discovery Bible Study is that it is equally accessible to those who have read the Bible a lot, and those who have never read the Bible at all. We are very excited to have all of our online Growth Groups using this method during the winter/spring semester.


This DBS approach involves reading and discussing God’s Word using questions that lead to discovery, prayer, and care for one another, and encouragement to share. It follows a practical method of reading narrative stories from the Bible in a way that encourages individuals to discover and respond to God’s written word. Below you will find a bookmark that contains the Bible passages that we will be studying and the questions that we will be using. 

UPDATE: General registration is currently closed, however, if you are interested in joining a Discovery Bible Study group, click the button below and let us know! We will try to find one for you. 


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