Growth Groups exist at Cedarbrook Community Church to help participants take the next steps in their personal spiritual journeys. And it goes without saying that your personal spiritual journey is just that – personal. We are all different; we come from different backgrounds with different experiences and needs.


And depending where we are on our journey, we will need very different things if we are going to grow and mature in our faith. We think that offering the five different types of groups listed below will help us be more effective in helping people at all different phases of spiritual growth. Whether you are just exploring faith, or have been a follower of Jesus for a few weeks or many years, there is a group here that can help you take your next step.

Growth Groups consist of 10-20 people who meet together for a semester to help each other grow in their spiritual journey. We offer 5 different types of groups during the fall, winter and summer seasons. 


Table Groups are a weekly or bi-weekly gathering around a table that brings friends and neighbors together. Your table could meet in a dining room, a coffee shop, a restaurant, or a back porch. As we sit around the table, we eat, laugh, get to know one another better and talk about life and faith. No Bible knowledge or religious background is necessary.


Beta Groups serves as a great next step after the Alpha course, but are open to anyone who desires to grow in his or her understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Beta follows the same schedule as Alpha and anyone who comes may join us for the Alpha meal at 7:00 PM, followed by small group discussion.


Learning Groups are focused on a wide variety of topics – always through a biblical lens. These groups get together each week for conversation centered on a topic, theme or book of the Bible and we pray for one another. Not all of these groups meet in a living room - some hold their discussions while hiking, exercising, serving, or cooking together. The emphasis of these groups is on taking personal ownership of our relationship with Jesus and living out our faith within the context of a community of other believers.


Mentoring Groups are gender-specific gatherings of no more than 3-5 people in a group. These groups are intentionally designed to help people become disciples of Jesus who are equipped to then help others become disciples. Over the course of a one-year journey together, folks in these groups will look deeply at the person and work of Jesus, and learn how to live out the principles and practices of discipleship.


Neighborhood Groups are gatherings of people who live in the same geographical area who are committed to discipleship and want to faithfully live out Christ’s mission in the neighborhoods where we live. These groups will share meals, talk about Scripture and pray together, and serve their neighborhood. By design, these groups will facilitate our Home Field Advantage efforts of helping Cedarbrooker’s to connect more deeply with one another as we seek to serve and be a witness to our neighbors.

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