Well if Paul is the short, bald guy on staff, then I am the tall, hairy guy on staff.  I’ve grown to a whopping 6’7” and have a nice beard and thick head of hair.  Let me answer the 1st two questions that pop into your mind.  Yes, I did play basketball, and the weather is exactly the same up here.  I’m a southern boy from Louisiana learning to adjust to a life without sweet tea on tap.  My wife (Sherra), kids (Ivey, Halle Dru and Misha),  dog (Jada), and I moved here in January 2011, and have fallen in love with  the northeast. My favorite part of being a worship pastor is seeing people get engaged with the Father, while singing together as a congregation. If I’m not connected to a guitar, then I love hanging with my family, going to the movies, playing basketball, and wood working in my basement. 

23700 Stringtown Road

Clarksburg, Maryland


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