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Each week, this page will be updated with fresh materials for families seeking to engage their faith at home. Be sure to join Pastor Reuben for Promiseland Online—an interactive place for worship, storytelling, and encouragement.

We will post a new episode on this page and on our social media pages every Wednesday at 3pm.

Sunday’s Coloring Page
The coloring page below goes with this week’s talk from Pastor Reuben:

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Kids’ Bible Devotional:
“Growing in God’s Love”

Looking for a great Bible devotional for kids age 5-10? Here is my top pick and reasons for recommending it:

  • Digestible Story Length: Each story, which is retold from compilations of several verses or chapters, are short. This helps hold the attention of young readers.

  • Classic Stories and Beyond Included: All the classic stories you’d hope for from a children’s Bible are included here. This exposes children to the foundational texts of the faith. Additionally, texts not usually seen in children’s Bibles are here, too. Special attention is paid to include stories about women.

  • Culturally Appropriate Illustrations: This book is illustrated by twenty-one artists, all listed near the back of the Bible, to give the illustrations a wide range of styles. Figures are shown with olive skin and dark hair, honoring the Bible’s Middle Eastern context.

  • Reflection Questions Included: At the end of most stories, Hear, See and Act questions encourage the children to explore. These neither moralize or editorialize the story but simply invite participation.

Promiseland Worship

Want to keep Promiseland worship going in your home?
We’ve made a playlist below of some of our favorites:

All Creatures of Our God & King

Good Good Father

My Hope is in The Lord

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Family Resources

Looking for a great Storybook Bible to read aloud at home?

Here are my top 2 picks:



Top-notch writing & artwork, diverse skin tones



Rich theology, breathtaking text, whimsical art

Pointing kids to Jesus together,

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