Join us here at Cedarbrook as we seek to Engage Scripture on a daily basis together as a church family.  As part of our 10/4 Spiritual Growth program, we seek to read scripture for at least 10 minutes each day.  


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THE BRIDGE: our ministry to single moms


Pray . . .


  • that our single moms would feel the love of Jesus at each of our events and that God would bless them and their children with strength, diligence, and good health. 

  • that God would provide someone to help lead The Bridge this coming year.

  • for God’s direction in planning monthly activities and a retreat that meet the needs of our moms and bless them with support and refreshment.

MOMS 21: our ministry to teenage and young adult moms


Pray . . .


  • that God would provide sustaining love and grace for both our moms and our volunteers. 

  • for four teen moms attending Young Lives Camp and three young adult single moms attending Young Life Family Camp that they will hear how much Jesus loves them and come home restored and renewed by his love. 

  • that we would continue to reach more new moms in the coming year and that God would provide the volunteers and resources to meet their needs. 

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