Here are our mask policy guidelines beginning Sunday, November 21:


  • You may sit wherever you wish. Masks are required. Per CDC guidelines, those who are fully vaccinated are safe without masks in indoor spaces; CDC recommends that those not fully vaccinated should continue to wear masks indoors.

  • For those who prefer to be socially distanced, every other row will be closed in the front half of the section on the “Promiseland-side” of the auditorium.

  • In Promiseland, The Wave, and Oasis – everyone must wear a mask, children, volunteers, and parents dropping off their children.

  • Live-streaming will be available every Sunday.

  • Be sensitive to those wearing masks. They may not want that hug no matter how much you want to give it. And be sensitive to those sitting in the socially distanced section of the room. They’ve chosen that section for a reason. We’re in this together people, so let’s love one another and “welcome one another just as Christ has welcomed us” Romans 15:7.