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Our mission is to BECOME radical Christ-followers, BRINGING the good news about Jesus Christ by BRIDGING Christ's love to those who don't know him through service.


Our vision is to be a disciple-making, missional church that fuels a gospel-centered church-planting movement in the Baltimore-Washington DC metro area.


THE GOSPEL The gospel is the power and source for all that we do. The gospel is our mission. In everything we do, we aim to make the gospel as clear and as compelling as possible. We constantly ask how and where we can bring the gospel to more people.

DISCIPLE MAKING Jesus commands his disciples to make disciples, teaching them to observe all that he had commanded. So we are committed to empowering relationships geared toward helping people trust and follow Jesus so they can be in relationships to help people trust and follow Jesus.

WORSHIP Disciples of Jesus seek to know, love, and obey God above all else. Our worship of God is expressed through our Sunday worship gatherings, and prayer, but also in everything else we do. The Bible enables us to know God and teaches us how to worship him with love and obedience.

SERVANT LEADING Though Jesus is the very Son of God, he did not come to earth to be served by humankind. Instead, he came to serve and put others above his own interests and needs. As disciples of Jesus, we serve others by building up the body of Christ and our surrounding community.

FAMILY The life of a disciple is meant to be lived in fellowship with others. Every disciple of Jesus is a part of a larger body called the church, or family of God. As a family, we are committed to cultivating strong, healthy relationships within our church and with other churches in our region.

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