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Every Sunday morning, we come from many different backgrounds to join with one another in offering our worship to God.  When we gather, we seek to create an environment that encourages an authentic encounter with our Creator.  It's our desire to prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies to experience the transforming power of God's presence  We want to become aware of him in our midst and offer him all that we have and are.  

The style of the music is generally contemporary, though we seek to emphasize the condition of our hearts rather than our preferences in music.  We also value ancient worship practices of the church, praying the Lord's Prayer, reciting the Apostles' Creed, or lighting a candle for someone in need.  And we often make room for silence within the context of worship, believing that our hearts and spirits need space in which to listen and simply be with God.   

Worship is the primary reason we come together each week.

join our team

Our worship team is made up of an orchestra, choirs, bands, singers, and worship leaders that serve across multiple ministries. If you have a passion for worship and want to grow your gifting to serve God in a team setting, we have several opportunities for you to get involved:

  • Sunday Morning worship team

  • Wave Student Ministry worship team

  • Oasis Student Ministry worship team



Cedarbrook 2-5-17 - 57
Cedarbrook 2-5-17 - 34
Cedarbrook 2-5-17 - 59
Cedarbrook 2-5-17 - 37
Cedarbrook 2-5-17 - 32
Cedarbrook 2-5-17 - 76
Cedarbrook 2-5-17 - 36
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Cedarbrook 2-5-17 - 94
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