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  • STUDENTS | cedarbrook

    STUDENTS Cedarbrook Students exists to help students learn and live out what it means to love God, love people, and share Jesus. Come check us out and find a place for your student to belong and grow closer to Jesus. Middle School can be an awkward, lonely, and confusing time for students. The Wave is a space for students to form relationships, to hear about Jesus, take next steps, and have a ton of fun along the way. ​ We meet Sunday mornings during the 11:15am service in the Refuge. Oasis is designed specifically for High Schoolers. Each Sunday during our weekly gathering, students experience a combination of games, music, teaching, and small group interaction with their peers. ​ We meet Sunday nights at 6:30pm in the Refuge. CALENDAR VOLUNTEER PARENT RESOURCES

  • The Clarksburg Closet

    Fishers of men: a disciple is committed to the mission of Jesus A fully-formed disciple of Jesus will live as Jesus lived: loving others as we love ourselves, caring for the marginalized, and sharing the good news of Jesus wherever we are. We do not have to quit our jobs and move to a foreign country to participate in the mission of Jesus. We do it right where we live and work and play. Each month on this page we will offer practical guidance on how to join Jesus in the work he is already doing in the lives of those around us. The Clarksburg Closet NOTES COMMENTS hands page


    MALAYSIA CHAN SWEE Tell me more about your mission? Our focus is to reach coaches and athletes for Christ. I serve coaches and athletes mostly in Kedah state. I have a focus on reaching the “state less “ people. (Rohingya) What are some victories I can celebrate with you? The Rohingya people are refugees. We have been able to provide food for them. We have has some conversations about our faith with 1 athlete. We have translated some resources to help our ministry. What are some of the challenges you face? COVID has had us locked down a lot and many are fearful. I have not yet developed a board. I need more volunteers. How can I pray for you? Pray for more people to Pray, Give, Go to Malaysia. Pray for wisdom as we meet potential staff in SEA that we would clearly discern their calling. Pray for my effort to reach the Rohingya people. How can I support you? You can support by engaging in our 3 main methods of engagement: Pray, Give, Go. Pray: Message me for the options. Give: . Go: message me for ways to connect via zoom or visit a country. Where can I learn more? I would be happy to meet with you one on one to help you learn more and answer any questions. You can email me at to get our monthly newsletter to stay up on current opportunities. global missions

  • Students: Boys Small Group Leader

    Students: Boys Small Group Leader Teach Followers of Jesus wanting to invest in the next generation. We do this buy forming relationships aimed at connecting students to Jesus. Attend weekly meetings prepared to discuss the lesson with Students. 3 hours weekly Weekly 4

  • ESOL: English Teacher

    ESOL: English Teacher Teach Teach English to adults 3 hours weekly Weekly 15

  • How Do I Pray?

    I will make you become: a disciple is being changed by Jesus Jesus wants to transform us so that we become the kind of people who genuinely love God and others from the core of our being. This change in our hearts goes way beyond what our willpower and good intentions can accomplish. But, it is also not something that God will do in us without our involvement. Each month we will provide video and print resources that look at a spiritual practice, experience, or relationship that can ground us in a lifestyle of openness to God and the work he is doing in us. How Do I Pray? BOOKS How To Pray by Pete Greig A Praying Life by Paul Miller ARTICLES The Prayer Toolshed (An index of 30 prayer tools) How to Pray: The Beginners Guide by Ross McCall VIDEOS The Prayer Course (An 8-session journey through the Lord’s Prayer) The Prayer Course II (A 5-session look at unanswered prayer) NOTES COMMENTS heart page

  • Kids: Kindergarten - 1st Grade

    Kids: Kindergarten - 1st Grade Teach Followers of Jesus who love kindergarteners and 1st graders and care about their growth and knowledge of Christ. Arrive on Sundays ready to love kids through prepared activities and discussion 2 hours Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly 10


    GERMANY/GREECE SUE HOXIE Tell me more about your mission? I have served in Germany with Greater Europe Mission since 2006. As a result of my intensive work with refugees in the Mosaik Church in Frankfurt since 2012, I’ve seen a tremendous need for spiritual and emotional healing from the traumatic events they’ve experienced on their journey. Over the past two years, the Lord has provided me with the opportunity to pursue my Masters in Pastoral Counseling and to receive extensive training in trauma healing. I am looking forward to continuing my work in pastoral counseling at Mosaik Church, as well as offering counseling to women and men from the red-light district in Frankfurt through House of Hope. I will also be helping to develop online courses about trauma for refugee pastors/church planters, and will also be partnering with others to establish trauma healing groups in refugee camps and churches, both in Germany and Greece. What are some victories I can celebrate with you? We recently baptized two Iranian women in the church garden (actually in a baptismal tub). Their excitement from knowing Jesus personally and their faith is a joy and an encouragement to us! They also celebrated with us by providing a feast of Iranian food for us. About 70 people came and we all rejoiced that the baptism water was warm, that everything went smoothly, that everyone socially-distanced, even while eating, and that the police didn't come to inspect us. What are some of the challenges you face? Corona has made it really difficult to meet with people in larger groups and to meet new people. Keeping all of the German hygiene rules so that we can have church services every other week is exhausting. How can I pray for you? Please pray for wisdom about how to use my time wisely during the restrictions resulting from the corona pandemic, and for many open doors to share Jesus' love and peace with others during this time which is so stressful for everyone. How can I support you? Please pray for me regularly. I need your prayers! If you would like more information or to be added to my prayer updates, you can write me at . If you would like to support me financially, please click on and enter my name or missionary number (23200). Where can I learn more? , global missions


    PERU SANTOS TORRES Tell me more about your mission? We are committed to the strengthening of Quechua church leaders and to the establishment of new churches characterized by their continuous integral growth, until the coming of Christ. What are some victories I can celebrate with you? We all have the potential to make it possible for children to hear the Word of God. In the highlands, I have not seen non-Christian parents stop their children from hearing the Gospel. On one occasion, during Vacation Bible School for children, there was a child very eager to learn the Word of God. This child had been given the task of taking care and shepherding the sheep. He brought all his sheep and placed them behind the church building to attend Vacation Bible School. There are many more children like him who want to know about Jesus Christ. You can help them by praying, coming, or sending someone so that children in Lima - in the mountains or in the jungle - can know and meet Jesus Christ as their Savior. What are some of the challenges you face? The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” How can I pray for you? For a new church in Punta Hermosa. For 14 pastors in Huancavelica and 3 in Iquitos, so they can continue serving our Lord. For God's direction to start a new church in the city of Acobamba. How can I support you? Please pray for us and come and visit us, our pastors and children in our community would like to meet you. Where can I learn more? Email to learn more. global missions

  • Hospitality: Parking Team

    Hospitality: Parking Team Find Assist with parking at Sunday Worship Services and large scale outreach events 0.5-0.75 minutes monthly Monthly 32

  • Women's Ministry: Meeting Support

    Women's Ministry: Meeting Support Assist Setup/teardown for meetings 1 hour monthly Monthly 5


    JASON BENOWITZ Production Manager

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